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Leda - after Michelangelo Buonarroti

 Author:Leopoldo Perdomo 

   There was a very beautiful princess that was called Leda. She had a delight in laying on  the sweet grass listening to the cicada's songs.
   She was often laying on the grass with her naked thighs exposed to the sun and the glances of the gods.  Then a loose tongue raven was flying over the place and when he saw the half naked princess, It started to make noisiness squawks.   Everybody knows how sensible ravens are to the naked beauty of princesses. 
   The divine Zeus, who was on his way to Troy, was drawn by the raven squawks and came near to look what was happening. 

The god saw the beauty of the princess and was captivated at first sight.  All of you know that gods unleash their passions in the wink of an eye. 

  So, fearing the might Zeus to frighten the princess with his shining image, he took the form of a swan of great size and proud swaggering.  He knows that princesses have always a whim for things of large size.  And the story tell us that the feathers from this swan were of a white as pure as snow.  And with this guise, the god came slowly showing great manners to woo the princess.  She was surprised by the sight of so a big and wonderful swan;  so she straightened and sit on the grass to better have a look of the lovely bird. 
    This way, the divine swan started to swagger, slowly  coming and going, in front of the princess.  From time to time he flapped his wings with great strength, rousing around a hurricane of the divine lust.  Suddenly, he rise the feathers of his tail and made a turn to show his rosy protuberance to the princess.   This was only a faint sample from a much bigger love promise he held inside. 

    Philosophers are commenting that swans have love members of big size.  So they were speculating about how big could it be in the case of a swan with divine nature.  
    So the swan went swaggering and booing when suddenly extended his long neck and make a sweet sound to trumpet to the world his intense love desires. 
     All this swaggering and wooing lit a big flame of love in the princess’ crazy heart.  It was already galloping and Leda felt pleasant pricks and a sensible heat in... this intimate and chaste point we never speak of.  Temperature was rising inside the princess and igniting her passion.  And once aflamed she do not hesitate to lay her body over the sweet grass again and to spread  the snowy thighs to accept  the huge swan in love.   He put his palmate feet over the soft belly of the princess and she felt a great pleasure in sensing over her the weight of divinity. 
    Afterwards, with utmost ability, the swan brought his sensible part to the warm slit and quickly found in the hidden place;  the most sweet thing it is there.  And with his stout rosy member the god started to caress this point... we do not like to mention; but others are not ashamed to call it Aphrodite’s bean.  It got very hot and excited with the sweet courtesy.  Then it went out of her sheath  vibrating and taut.  The glossers say it was caressed by the sweet appendage for a very very long time. 
Attribué à François Boucher, Léda et le Cygne
    This sweet swapping put the princess in a case of yelling out of control with pleasure.  While she was in this, the divine swan penetrated her slowly with his stout rosy member. She felt the coming bulk entering and sensed the fire of the god that was invading her.  The bulk was expanding into her body and went just to the heart.  So he enjoyed these moments with a delight that made her breathing and all her muscles shake.  And when it seemed that heat was exhausting, suddenly the princess felt the divine member was penetrating again in all its glory.  This filled her totally and made her feel as if nothing more could be kept inside.   At this point the different sensations came and went.  And the heat went up now and down later; everything came and went slowly, once and again.  And all this generated a huge pleasure and a heat that the princess had never experience. 
    In these act were the lovers when the swan extended his neck looking for the mouth of the princess.  She opened her lips to accept the divine beak.  Then the swan opened his plate bill and got out... it was like a miracle!, a bulky and long tongue that went inside the princess’ mouth. The pretty Leda felt inside her the throbbing beat and all the fullness and the humid fire of the god.  And her pleasure was so huge that her heart went galloping like wild stallion. 
Paolo Caliari, known as Paolo Veronese

     In a moment the emotions were so strong that the princess start to yell awfully and it came to her body a quick shaking.  It was in this very moment when the divine swan flapped his big wings with a great strength. 

It is said that the divine swan cast a powerful sound with his trumpeter neck.  So huge was the sound that was heard in the whole of Peloponnese lands. 
     In response to the might sound, the clouds threw a big shower of warm rain.  And it was heard a great thunder that shook the earth.  Some say the air was wavering with scents that called to love.  And it is said that the earth was full of pleasant outflows for several years.  At these times the warriors and the slaves were always with their stout members on.  But the ladies and the young maids were  feeling a heat in there and they sensed some urges of very difficult contention. 
     The swan and the princess were loving this way once and again.  And this weighty matter do not let them to do, or to think about any thing stronger than their love. 
Léda: Tony Robert-Fleury

     Thirty days later, as an outcome of the sweet copulation, the princess laid a semi divine egg of bulk size.  And from this famous egg came out three lovely creatures, Helene, Castor and Polydeuces.  These lovely children were the source of pretty stories that served to feed the poets that go to sing in all banquets. 

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