Thursday, December 5, 2013

This is a real woman

Originally drafted in June 2012, never posted
This was my comment on some MRA blog, when a yapping sock-puppet came after me chanting "Fifi's got curves!"

The most feminine attributes, softness and sweetness, are not found in hard-toned bodies. Women who have single digit body-fat percentage are not nurturing by nature. They are tautly disciplined and their first response is "No!"

It seems kind of silly that Gamesters go on and on about feminine natures, and the way women "should be," but the physical profile you select is exceptionally high in testosterone! Taking normal distributions into account, those rail thin women could have more testosterone than many men! You guys got it SOOOOOOO backwards.

If you stick to the tried and true evolutionary indicator of fitness to breed, a woman should have a Waist to Hip ratio of 0.7. And the Boob to Belly ratio should be 0.8. You want a docile woman, tender and yielding, fragrant and silky, accept her with the curves that estrogen gives her.
 Yes, I've got curves. I'm not young.  I still have an hourglass figure, but it looks better in an apron than a bathing suit. You walk in the door to my house, you smell homemade bread, food in the oven cooked from scratch.  I have a soft warm lap that children love to cuddle in.  I have soft round boobs.   My hair comes past my shoulder blades, and my skin is like rose petals.

I live in a million dollar+ house, in one of the best school districts in the state.  My husband and I have built a happy home, good life.

The puerosphere has nothing to offer me,  no PUA is attractive to me.  Grow some character and you might earn my respect.

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