Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mansplaining presented without commentary

cock carousel--An idea perpetuated on manosphere blogs that women casually sleep around in their 20’s with hot, non-commital player types.
Then, supposedly, when they hit their 30’s and lose their looks, they realize they wasted their prime man-snagging years and become desperate to settle down, often with a boring, dependable flavor of guy they previously had no interest in.

“alpha fux, beta bux”

ROOSH FORUM:  The only reason so many of today’s women can ride the cock carousel is because of feminism and socialism (the welfare state), which, incidentally, is largely financed by men (and which serves directly against our own sexual interests). Without these two ideologies you would see a totally different division of labour where men went to work and women stayed in the kitchen and bed. This arrangement held for the majority of human history and consequently, the tolerance of female promiscuousness was lower since there was no way for a man to know if the children were actually biologically his. A shortage of men (due to wars) also helped the remaining and capable alpha men to form harems. Women had no choice but to accept this since they were dependent on their man for food and shelter. My point is that by nature, men are polygamous, but women are monogamous (and hypergamous). Feminism distorts nature, and that’s why you have so many of today’s women being mentally ill. YES it’s a double standard - naturally, since women and men are different - so you need double standards.

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