Tuesday, December 4, 2012


In my halcyon childhood,during the 60's and 70's, feminism explored alternative social structures, like communes and collectives, to replace the suburban nuclear family.  Most of that exploration wore itself out, and the nuclear family endured as a core social unit.

As a result of feminism, the role of men in the nuclear family has enlarged, to partake in domestic life as caregivers.  I personally feel that men are more fully human, experiencing a wider range of emotions and rewards.   I remember the "Man in the Gray Flannel Suit," the corporate drone, as a bitter, repressed, stoic -- like "The Cat's in the Cradle" by Cat Stevens.

For what it's worth, the woman of today has the same freedom as a man, to throw herself into the gears of the capitalist economy.    At work, she is taken seriously as an intelligent person.  She communicates with other adults-- formally as an employee and informally as friend or colleague.  Her SO is probably willing to alternate/share child-care duties.  She has access to a wide variety of goods and services-- laundering and dishwashing take less time and attention.  Ready cooked or pre-prepped food is available at the grocery store.  She communicates in real-time with distant friends and relatives [via Facebook and IMs].

If happiness comes from positive interactions with other people, it's not difficult to create happiness.  But it is a zero sum game.  Achieving more in one area necessarily means cutting back in another.  Setting higher standards for accomplishment means dissatisfaction with the present.
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For many people, external rewards and accomplishments are few and far between.  Don't invest emotionally in the corporate world, because you won't be rewarded proportionally to your investment.  Much better to luxuriate in the world of the senses, the world of the family & home.
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