Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Trampling on Human Dignity

This is why I enjoy his writing and loathe his nature.  This excerpt has rambunctious word-flow and self-congratulatory wit, but it's essentially narcissistic, cruel, and amoral.  A male who followed this advice would be denigrating the person-hood and trampling the human dignity of every woman that he met.
CHATEAU HEARTISTE:  Every woman you meet, from friend to love prospect to the barest acquaintance, and every woman who crosses your field of visual inspection, will be subject to your exceedingly judgmental eye. You will search, find and declare to yourself her flaw or flaws.
Here are some more examples of flawmobbing.
- skewed eyes
- narrow hips
- rumpled blouse
- misshapen boobs
- nip/tuck victim
- manhands
- roo pouch
- clown feet
- incipient hump
- jug ears
- wasted calves
- bow-legged
- flabby arms
- pigeon-toed
- broad shouldered
- excessive peach fuzz
- asymmetric nostrils
Once you have gotten reliable at noticing and promoting women’s flaws, their beauty will no longer hold such paralyzing power over you. Conditioned to emphasize a woman’s worst and attenuate her best, you will become a cad machine, irresistible to the fairer sex who will react shaken from their stupor by your dispassionate demeanor and feel the threat of your pervasive critical eye with senses aflame.
The beta male who conditions himself thus, by his efforts to discover the flaws in women kept hidden to him by the shadow of his turgid lust cast around his vision, will slowly feel the power and the strength of the Attitude, that indomitable voice that rises like the Great Scrotum from the pubic patch and delivers with valedictorian presumption the message that no woman is out of reach or free of exploitable insecurities, the exploiting of which by a savvy man she herself would be ashamed to admit thrills her to the clitbone.

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