Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I don't want realism-- I can find that anywhere

THE AWL:  Romance Novels, The Last Great Bastion Of Underground Writing
Women visit the country of "just for men" all the time, unimpeded; we can read Tom Clancy or Patrick O'Brian and nobody bats an eyelash, because we are allowed to be curious about men's fantasies of things. We have a visa for their country, and yet Men are not permitted into ours.
...romance novels might generally serve the same purpose for women that pornography does for so many men. Not as an aid to autoeroticism, but as the imaginary fulfillment of a profound imperative that is never too far from your mind.

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Men must be transformed by love and enter into the woman's realm in order to emerge as fully-realized human beings: this is the core message of romance fiction, Dixon argues. We need one another; embrace this idea, and everything will magically work out.

the romance heroine draws her man into the domestic sphere, the realm of women, of home, in order to resolve their differences and establish sex with love as the central principle in their lives. Actually, both lovers must alter their earlier prejudices to create a working alliance where sexualized love can flourish.

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