Saturday, February 28, 2015
trust me, i read it in a comic book
or actually, i just saw the movie that was based on the comic book


Creators:Frank Miller & Colorist:Lynn Varley
Nietzsche: "the propagation of the species depends on the duality of the sexes, their constant conflicts and periodic acts of reconciliation"
 Schopenhauer: everything

 Stipulated: Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, we can expect misogyny with a bitter twist.  When mansplaining introduces Sparta, there's gonna be some chest pounding and probably eugenics.

I'm quoting a portion of europasoberana's five-part series on Sparta that discusses the man-woman-thing. 

Spartans  thought of  "home" thought in terms of mother, sisters, wives and daughters of country.  Sacred ideal  had a female character, and protecting the homeland amounted to protecting their women. Men do not protect themselves: they  defend the distant shell heart, the sacred heart, and men sacrifice in honor of that heart. In Sparta than anywhere else, women represented the inner circle, while men accounted for the protective outer wall.

Man is a ticking time bomb. Inside ferment and burn all energies and essences, if not channeled, are negative when poured out, as these forces come from the "dark side" and your first inclination is chaos and destruction. The aggressiveness of man, his killer instinct, his tendency to own and submit their high sex drive, its greatest strength, courage, power, will, strength and toughness, makes men have to undergo a special discipline that cultivates and channels these energies in order to achieve great things, especially when it comes to healthy young men of powerful natural instincts, failing which their spirits suffer a huge risk. Asceticism itself (as sacrifice) is much more like the man of the woman. In fact, the Indo-European woman have never  been subjected to disciplinary systems so severe as those of ancient armies. It was regarded by the men of old as a "magical" creature, as there hindered him the roars of the inner beast. For all these reasons, it was just that male education more severe and rigorous than female, because that's how you train the beast.

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