Thursday, July 5, 2012

I'm gonna verb your noun til you beg me stop

Some amazing verbs that are as opaque as the hand signals.    "Jismify, "xiphoidy"" or "nidify"?

I learned the meaning of "irrumate" and "pedicate" from Richard Burton's notes on translating the Priapus Poems.

SACRED TEXTS: The Priapeia
(Latin and English)
Translated by L.C. Smithers, notes by Sir Richard Burton [1890]
An anonymous collection of bawdy Roman epigrams to the phallic garden-god Priapus. This edition is notable for an extensive tour de force appendix by Sir Burton, which discusses in explicit detail the sexual practices of the classical Pagans, including a vocabulary of dozens of Latin terms for male and female genitalia and short essays about classical references to anal and oral sex, bestiality, exotic dancers, masturbation, sex positions, and the lascivious behavior of the Gods and Goddesses. These appendices were so shocking that Burton disavowed any connection with the book, in spite of obvious internal evidence that he is the co-author.

PEDICATE:  Ima fuck you in the ass
The Priapeia: 6.0
Cum loquor, una mihi peccatur littera; nam te
   pe-dico semper blaesaque lingua mihi est.

Whenever I speak, one word slips me;
for, talking with a lisp, I always say instead of praedico, paedico!*
 * Instead of saying 'praedico', meaning 'I warn you not to trespass',he lisps and says 'paedico', meaning 'I am sodomising you'.
“… If I do seize you … you shall be so stretched that you will think your anus never had any wrinkles.”
 IRUMATE: Ima fuck your face. "Active participation by the male member; aggressive insertion of the penis into a partner's mouth or throat."  The internet primly states "Distinguishing between irumation and fellatio is lost in modern English usage."  Frequently Felt discusses the inequal power exchange-- irumate is considered oral rape.

URTICATE: Ima rash you up.  Cruelo de Cologne, whose avatar shows  a clit piercing with nettles, features nettlespictures.
Freude mit Brennnesseln = Joy with Nettles

SADO-BOTANY:  Stinging Nettles are mostly tall herbaceous plants (i.e. they die down in the winter), botanically in the genus Urtica. The best known is the Common Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica), which is widespread in Europe and North America. Nettles are notable for their stinging hairs, which may be more or less confined to the stems, or clothe much of the entire plant... The hairs are like miniature hypodermic needles, approximately 2mm long in the Common Stinging Nettle. The walls of the hairs are composed of silica, i.e. natural glass, and contact breaks the fragile tip of the hair. The hair is sharp enough to push into the skin, while at the same time, the venom, stored under pressure in the expanded base, travels up the hair and is injected into the skin through the broken tip. 
In passive play, nettles can be effective by just being there. Once set up, no action is required from the top, it is up to the sub (recipient) to avoid the nettles.
For example, nettles can be used to limit the sub's movement. Pots or vases of nettles can be so placed that the sub cannot move without being stung, perhaps as part of a conventional whipping scene, or simply to create a form of "bondage" without restraints. Nettles could, for example, be placed between a standing sub's parted legs and just in front of the genitals and just behind the buttocks. Crueller scenarios might involve the sub not moving to avoid being stung more.
The tough stems of nettles can be strung together, so it is also possible to make a skirt or garland for the sub, one that would discourage unnecessary movement.  Rather than bringing the nettles to the sub, bring the sub to the nettles-- A woodland walk with a naked, blindfolded sub could be interesting.

In active play --the top actively using nettles as an instrument of erotic torment, Nettles are best used in a gentle stroking or dabbing action, which will cause those stinging hairs that come into contact with the recipient's skin to work their effect, without damaging the remaining hairs. ...  Taller stems can also be used as a gentle whip. The stems are tough and fibrous and will last for a while in this mode. They are light enough to be used with little inhibition, though the rough stem surfaces can cause very minor surface cuts and abrasions. Floggings with nettles in this way has a history of use for 'inflaming the passions' - there is some basis for this 

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