Thursday, March 1, 2012

matching doors and parallel windows (no, not the curtains & the drapes)

Chinese women have a lot of men to choose from, since the One-Child Policy resulted in a gender imbalance, with too many men for each one to find a female partner. There may be a lot of eligible bachelors, but as the article explains, Chinese women are often unimpressed with their options and choose to remain single longer.The article called Chinese women's philosophy for finding matches "marriage hypergamy." In Chinese, it's called门当户对 (Pronounced men dang hu dui, literally "matching doors and parallel windows") -- the concept that the only successful marriages are between people of the same socioeconomic and educational standing. Matching looks are, of course, also important.With a reduced fraction of willing women in the country, some Chinese males put up with a degree of abuse, materialism, and rampant Men Dang Hu Dui, at least from what I've seen and experienced.The most famous example is the 2010 Chinese TV show If You Are the One, a dating show in which a young woman rejected a suitor who offered her a romantic bike ride with words that soon had the entire People's Republic in stitches: "I'd rather cry in a BMW."  

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